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eFoiling is a surface water sport in which an individual, uses a battery powered hydrofoil to glide above the water

Our Approach

We work with individuals and small groups to teach you how to ride Lift eFoils. Safety is our number one concern. Helmets and floatation are provided as well as two-way radio communication

Our Mission, Vision

eFoiling is a new form of watersport where an individual utilizes a battery powered hydrofoil to smoothly glide above the water

What Is eFoiling

eFoiling is an exillerating watersport that uses a hand controller for throttle and balance to fly the wings under water

A hydrofoil is essentially an airplane that is attached to a mast, which is then attached to a board. That airplane in our case is powered by a battery (inside the board) that drives the motor and is attached to the mast just above the wings

The pitch (up / down), yaw (left / right), and roll (toe / heel) are controlled by your body and shifting your weight

Try before you buy

Let us help make your eFoiling experience unforgettable

The majority of our lessons are taught one-on-one. We don't teach with more than a 2:1 ratio (student:instructor)

In our typical one-on-one lesson, our instructor will ride along side you talking you through the process of getting from the prone position, to your knees, and on to your feet

The average lesson takes approximately 90 minutes. We do have additional batteries in case you are so stoked, you just want to keep going

Our Services

Let's get on the water



One-on-one lessons typically last 90 minutes with approximately 60 minutes in the water


Try before you buy

Part of our process is to get you in the water to try eFoiling to see if it's for you. If it is and you want to purchase your own, then you'll get a code for a discount on your very own Lift eFoil.


Teaching Methods

We start on land and will give you instruction on how the eFoil works and what all of the pieces and parts do. We'll show you how to position your body to effectively get from the prone position on the board, to your knees and eventually your feet.

Once on your feet, we'll ride along side you with radio helmets to coach you along until you get comfortable



Unfortunately all of our rentals need to be supervised. That being said, there are several ways we can make that work. Either riding with you or on your boat or ours


What is eFoiling?

eFoiling, also know as electric hydrofoiling uses a board that contains the battery and the brains for the control system.

Attached to the bottom of the board is a mast that has a small electric motor attached just above the hydrofoil itselt.

The hydrofoil is what looks like an airplane that attaches to the bottom of the mast.

How is it propelled?

Hidden inside the board is a powerful battery that drives the motor which is attached near the bottom of the mast.

There is a hand controller that is used to control the throttle / speed of the board.

How fast does it go?

The Lift 3 eFoil will go up to 30 miles per hour depending on the wings that are installed and the weight of the rider.

How long does the battery last?

The Lift 3 eFoil battery will last up to 100 minutes depending on the wings that are installed and the weight of the rider.

How much do they cost?

The Lift 3 eFoil series starts at $9,995.


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